A Segera Retreat experience – where conservation meets luxury
Savannah Sunrise over Segera Wilderness

A Segera Retreat experience – where conservation meets luxury

Segera Retreat embodies Conservation, Culture, Community & Commerce. These four elements dubbed ‘the 4C’s’, define this Kenyan Gem in the heart of Laikipia County.

My friends Silvia NjokiDebra Killingo, Joe Wahome and I have a 3-day  adventure as an assignment for LoveLaikipia to this magical retreat and it’s accurate to say, it was a trip-of-a-lifetime.


Getting there…

There are pretty much 2 means. Drive or fly.

We don’t want to splurge by arriving on a plane so we hit the road from Nairobi at 6 am, driving through the stunning Kenyan sunrise.

As we near Nanyuki, Silvia pulls over and reminisces her high-school days at the foot of Mt Kenya.

We take a few pictures and crack on.


Nairobi – Nanyuki (3-hour drive)


After a solid 3 hours of driving from Nairobi, we arrive at Cedar Mall in Nanyuki Town.

This is where we meet our Segera driver, the amazing Paul Kasaine  who promptly keeps us up to speed with what to expect on our activity-packed weekend.

We transfer our equipment from Silvia’s car to Paul’s 4×4 Land Cruiser which is a bit muddy; “Rains have come back to Segera”, he says joyfully.

We hit the corrugation and 1 hour later, we drive through the gates of Segera Retreat.


Nanyuki-Segera Retreat (1-hour drive)



Segera Retreat – The Property

In all my travels across the country, never have I received a welcome like my friends and I got at Segera.

We are greeted by the General Manager  Mr. Jens Kozany, the Tourism Manager Mr. Moritz and the entire Segera Members of staff allocated to serve us.

After exchanging pleasantries, our charming bartender Andrew Leshao, ensures that our throats never run dry. If you aren’t holding a sensational cocktail on your right hand, there’s a freshly squeezed mango juice on your left.

The 4 of us are allocated respective villas (Segera’s accommodation), assigned individual members of staff who’ll take care of us during our stay and immediately, we are home.


Segera Staff getting our luggage to our Villas. 


Mr. Jens Kozany gives us a comprehensive and thoroughly informative tour around the property. We learn about the history of Segera.

We learn about Segera being a simple family Boma (A traditional homestead), until the owner,  Mr. Jochen Zeitz  purchased the 200 square kilometer piece of land and turns it into a holiday destination.


How Segera was at the beginning. An old Cattle Boma


Jens showing us where it all started



Finding your way around Segera

SEGERA COMPOUND map courtesy of The Wilderness Collection


Segera retreat – Accommodation & Interiors

To say the architecture in this compound is mind-blowing would be an understatement. The thought and attention to detail infused in every single structure is second-to-none.

Getting into my villa is like stepping into a time-machine and travelling to the best feats of architecture of old times.

The rustique texture is intoxicating and in every corner you take, there’s award-winning African Contemporary artwork by African artists splashed all over.

 Silvia’s Villa
Debbie’s Villa


Family Villa – shared by Joe & Myself


Explorer Lounge Interior


Breakfast Table at the Explorer Lounge




Signature Villa – Segera House Interior


Signature Villa – Villa Segera Bedroom


Signature Villa – Villa Segera patio



Gym & Spa



Main highlights of a 3-day trip to Segera…

1. The Bird Nest & Picnic sun-downers

Fulfilled by NAY PALAD and brought to life by the visionary architect Daniel Pouzet, this magical structure, borrowing its name from its unique look of a giant bird’s nest at the top is a lover’s destination of it’s own to say the least.

The Bird Nest at a distance touched by the African Sunset


The house is located in the heart of the wild, hence, the serenity is therapeutic.

Holding a glass of some high quality wine and seeing the sun set atop the nest is absolutely breath-taking.

Silvia sipping some wine as the sun sets


Picnic sites are aplenty, however, there’s one in particular that tops the rest. Picnic by the river.

Andrew Leshao pouring Debbie a drink


2. Game Drives

Segera is a Conservancy; hence, there’s an abundance of wildlife which move freely across the neighboring conservancies.

Paul Kasaine briefing us on the game-drive plans

Common wildlife you get to see include the Big Five(excluding the Rhino), Plains Zebras (including the endangered Grevy’s Zebra), Eland, Defassa Waterbuck, Buffalo, Warthog, Impala, Thomson’s Gazelle, Kirk’s Dik-Dik, Steenbok, Grey Duiker and the Grant’s Gazelle.

Predators include; Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Spotted Hyena, Wild Dog, Black-backed Jackal, Serval and the Striped Hyena.


Lioness moving her cubs


Plains Zebra


A Male Lion feeling lazy after a meal


Occasionally, you’ll get to see the endangered Reticulated Giraffe, Patas Monkey, Grevy’s Zebra or the Lelwel’s Hartebeest.


A Reticulated Giraffe being majestic


A lone Grevy’s Zebra. Unlike the common Plains Zebra, this species is endangered


Game drives at Segera are not your typical time or area-restricted drives. You can go for either a day or night drive or both!

You’ll also have a rare opportunity to go a guided walks in the conservancy with armed rangers. In our case, we get the chance to take it a bit further.

On the second day after a 5-star breakfast, we meet the Segera Ranger & Anti-Poaching Unit accompanied by the K-9 unit.


Meeting the Ranger Unit


Meeting the K-9 Unit


After introductions, we are informed that we shall undertake a mock ‘poacher-hunt’ and Joe hastily volunteers to be the ‘poacher’.

Joe rubs his scent on the ground and sets off into the wild, accompanied by armed rangers of course.

We wait for a few minutes, Milky, the bloodhound gets Joe’s scent and the ‘hunt’ begins.


Milky – the bloodhound sniffer dog gathers Joe’s scent


As we walk on foot, I have an incredible conversation with the the highest ranking ranger about the dynamics of protecting Segera. I’m absolutely impressed by how they respond not only to the conservancy’s emergencies, but to the Segera Community as well.


Crouch stance to hide from the ‘poacher’


Milky sniffing the terrain



We are getting closer…





Great job Milky! The poacher has been apprehended. He’ll be promptly be handed over to the Police. 


The rangers’ use of highly trained sniffer dogs and current technology ensures than no external threat will be a bother to Segera.


Protectors of Segera


Currently, an all-women Ranger Unit, first of its kind in East Africa, is undergoing training and will be unveiled in a few months.


3. Community visits

Main communities in the Segera ecosystem are Samburu, Turkana and Borana tribes.

Recently, women from these three tribes came together to form a strong organization known as SATUBO Women Group.

This is a community project envisioned to empower women and promote sustainable development of rural communities. Members of SATUBO primarily come from Jerusalem village, near Segera Retreat, the headquarters of the Zeitz Foundation.

The village is made up of small, traditional huts constructed from clay and grass, which house as many as ten family members. Jerusalem community faces challenges such as lack of education and poverty and SATUBO aims to solve these challenges.


Jane, the leader of SATUBO, explaining what they do in the community.


Jane, the leader of the group explains to us in great detail how they, coming from a community which women were not highly valued before, overcame this obstacle and created a haven where women would put their various skills (mainly knitting and creating traditional artifacts) to good use.


Knitting Samburu jewelry class in session


A Samburu lady at the SATUBO center donning traditional regalia 


The organization, with help from the Zeitz foundation also ensure that children go to school.

Charming kids from the Jerusalem Village 


4. ‘Out-of-Africa’ Bi-plane

Jochen Zeitz’s love for ancient artifacts is evident in one of his most priced possessions.

On Day 3 early morning, the GYPSY Moth GAAMY Bi-plane is rolled out of it’s hanger and my friends and I are given access.

History of the bi-plane…

“The plane was used by Robert Redford to fly Meryl Streep in the old-timey movie OUT OF AFRICA. Years later in a Paris Auction, a telephone bidder bought it and stated that he is returning back it to Africa where it belongs”.

300,000 US Dollars and a new engine later, the plane now resides at Segera Retreat where it flies guests across the staggeringly beautiful Northern Kenya for a truly Out-of-Africa experience.

Gypsy Moth GAAMY bi-plane


Inscription by the side of the Moth


Dials & controls inside the GAAMY plane will take you back to 1910


Debbie matched outfit with the GAAMY plane for aesthetic purposes







After the bi-plane tour, we get the chance to meet the legendary photographer Michael Poliza who gives us a life-changing TED-TALK about the beauty if Kenya especially Northern Kenya. Having gone to places in Kenya where civilization simply doesn’t exist, our jaws drop as he displays his images frame after frame.

We plant a tree and say goodbye to the entire Segera Family. It’s accurate to say that  if my friends and I had a choice, we would never want to leave. We sadly leave but amazing memories stay with us.


For more information, visit www.segera.com





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