Glaciers On Mount Kenya

You may or may not know about the existence of glaciers on Mount Kenya, but what you should know; no, MUST know is that they are disappearing fast.

Scientists and weather experts estimate that by 2040, glaciers on the Mount Kenya will be reduced to nothing. It is a sad and daunting prospect to know that Climate Change has caused ‘nearly-irreversible’ and to strongly put it, catastrophic damages to the ecosystem.

What will happen when the ice disappears? Rivers will gradually become seasonal and eventually disappear.

This has already become a harsh reality to the Borana Tribe, who depended on River Liki for water. Unfortunately, the river dried up, and children find themselves playing on the soft soil that once used to be flowing with water all year round.

Lewis Glacier as seen from Austrian Hut

There’s a glimmer of hope in all the gloom however:

Organizations like the Mount Kenya Trust   and Connect4Climatehave gone to incredible lengths to create awareness and lend a helping hand in conservation efforts to keep the ecosystem of Mount Kenya in balance.

Sebastien Traclet photographing what remains of the Lewis Glacier

As a photographer, my aim is to use my camera as a tool to document the progress we make as a human-race to either completely destroy, or fix the errors we made to our planet

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  2. Amazing article Joe. Its so sad about those glaciers

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